Meet Luke

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Hi, I’m Luke Hubbard. I started Superior Athletic Consulting after suffering an injury at Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic. I couldn’t ride for weeks. During that time I realized I had a passion for helping others perform so I enrolled in USA Cycling's  coach education program. 

I grew up mountain biking and I had a good coach who helped me perform well and also helped me enjoy the sport. I am a USA Cycling certified level 3 coach, and as part of the USAC coaching program I have completed USAC’s  Safe Sport abuse prevention training.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in engineering. At GV I enjoyed classes like Dynamic Systems Modeling, Human Motion Modeling, and Systems Analytics. As an engineer, I model and optimize systems every day. The human body is a complex system, but we can model it by measuring power, heart rate, perceived exertion, and speed. Analytic software like Traingpeaks ™ and WK05  help analyze that data, and provide me (the coach) with insight on how to optimize the system (athlete’s performance).

Link to my Traingpeaks ™ coach page: Superior Athletic Consulting